About Me

My name is Emily Aubrey! 5 years ago I was in a rut… It had been 2 years since I had brain surgery and I was overweight (60 lbs.) overmedicated, and felt miserable! My 2-year old, Bella, barely saw the light of day because I stayed cooped up in my house. For her sake, as I recognized what had become of me, I signed us up for Mommy and Me classes at the local pool. The classes backed up to public swim so after class we would stay and I walked in the shallow end of the pool twice a week. After a few weeks I started to see a change not only in my body, but my depression and anxiety was diminishing. Inspired by Kristin Kear, a water aerobics instructors at the pool, I began devising my own extreme water aerobic exercises. Within about 2 months I had lost 20 lbs. from merely walking back and forth in the shallow end.

At this point I decided to venture over to the deep end to see what new exercises I could create without my feet touching the ground. Within 6 months I was down almost 60 pounds!!! My life was forever changed. I was off all my medication. My depression and anxiety was in check and I was no longer wanting to jump off a bridge. Finally I was ok with leaving the house… I had my life back! I felt amazing! From that point on I have made it my mission to introduce this extreme form of water aerobics to everyone! What I most appreciated about water aerobics was that I did not have to feel sweaty and gross like I used to when I went to the gym. I used to get horrendous headaches during exercise because I would overheat. Not once have I experienced this since I have been doing water aerobics. In addition, my joints thank me for not having them running miles and miles on pavement.

My Extreme Water Aerobics “seems” easy as if you are barely doing much work, but the results tell another story. My classes focus on weight loss, muscle toning and nutrition. This is a lifestyle change. I will be offering Extreme Water Aerobics classes 5 days a week and a land to water fitness bootcamp called Surf-N-Turf, twice a week. Surf-N-Turf is an intense 1.5-hour bootcamp—45min on land followed by 45min in the water. The land portion combines circuit training and cross-fit that is designed to strengthen your core and keep your heart rate up.

Both Extreme Water Aerobics and land Bootcamp will be offered individually. However, for maximum results and best value I recommend participating in the combined Surf-N-Turf program. I will track all my students’ progress and help push you to reach your weight loss or fitness goal. Changing lives and improving health is my mission.

This saved my life so I know it works!



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